About Restomod USA

RestoMod USA is dedicated to covering the industry of modifying and improving classic American cars with modern performance.

While the term Restomod has been defined many different ways and has even caused quite a bit of controversy, the name has stuck.

Our mission is simple:

  • Help define the term restomod
  • Provide inspiration to restomod builders and dreamers
  • Report on significant manufacturers and equipment providers
  • Create a community forum for sharing ideas, tips, how-to information
  • Provide a directory of shops, builders and equipment manufacturers

Beyond the definition of RestoMod

Many several classic, muscle and custom car builders have contributed or opined on the definition. There is even dispute among some that “Mod” means modernization or modification. We side with modernization. Then we can start discussing (or debating) how much modernization constitutes a restomod. But one thing we all have in common is our passion for American classic and muscle automobiles from an era that no longer exists. While a perfectly restored, numbers-matching car collector car is appreciated by all, there is something to be said to take a great car manufactured 30-60 years ago and transform it to like new but with maximum performance, safety and convenience provided with technology that simply did not exist when the car was born.  And most important, we want to drive them! Maybe even more than on the weekends or to the shows or cruise night but maybe as a daily driver or even race them. It is all about enjoying the car the way you choose.

No matter how you define it or have already come to terms with the definition, we invite you to join our community and enjoy the ride.