67-69 Camaro Ken Harrison Stereo Rear Package Tray

Looking for a package tray with a third brake light and angled speakers for your first gen Camaro?

Not many off the shelf customized package tray options are available unless you can to shell out major dollars. I found this one on from Ken Harrison Stereo for $250 and overall I would say that the product was pretty decent but it is not without some issues. One of the biggest issues was getting the product in my hands! I ordered from Rick's Camaros in December and they informed me that they didn't stock the part and it would be drop shipped. Fine, I wouldn't expect most parts websites to carry the custom inventory especially the low volume stuff. No big deal until the sixth week went by and still no tracking code. Repeated calls to both Rick's and Ken Harrison netted very little actual results. I called up Ken Harrison Stereo one final time and they said they had some issues getting parts to construct the product. About six days after my final call the product was delivered.

When I opened the box I immediately noticed that it was in three different pieces which was not expected. I guess they neglected that detail on the product description. What it means is that this is not a finished piece to be mounted as is. The ABS plastic is nowhere near show quality so we decided to wrap each section in a really nice stretchable black carpet. If you are doing this you must use heat resistant (red) heavy material spray adhesive. We chose Contact Cement 2028 and it worked fantastic. Ensure that you allow a few minutes for each side to get tacky and then stretch and press fit it starting at the middle and working outward. I would not suggest using fabric that does not have a good stretch rating.

Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the actual raw ABS but here is one I found online. My actual version looks much different as well with the speakers more to the outside. As you can see, the ABS plastic and tail light are not without issues.

*raw product, notice the tail light...


*Finished product after covering it with black carpet. The carpet blends the center separation.

The third brake light is one of the biggest reasons I ordered this kit and I have to say that I was disappointed in the quality of the light package. It looks very much like something you would find on a trailer or motorcycle, not on a Restomod. However we remedied this issue with some inexpensive lexan, black paint and a stick on bow tie emblem as a template. I wanted to try something unique and having a see through bowtie works out pretty well.

*Standard light fixture with carpet covering the outside.

We cut a piece of lexan to the width of the package and then made a lower portion and epoxied it to the bottom to mount it with screws. The front that lays against the rear glass was painted black except for a bowtie sticker that allows the red to show through. Now it is basically a much better looking fixture and has a nice custom look to it! My next step will be to replace the small light bulbs with HBLEDs to increase the brightness and focus the light more intensely around the bowtie.

If you buy this kit you will have to put some work into it, but it is an overall good platform to start with. Let me know what you think by leaving a message below. Happy Restomodding!

Final Review:


  • Fits good and tight in the package tray area.
  • ABS plastic moldings were good quality, not deformed at all.
  • Speakers are quality product and come with wires. They are angled for better sound dispersion.
  • When covered with a new material the package looks very good.


  • Takes a long time to get produced and shipped (at least that was my experience)
  • Very cheap looking third brake light (we did something custom to hide it)
  • Tray is not a single solid piece
  • Middle brake light piece overlaps the sides and doesn't quite go all the way to the seat back. (Screws help to lessen the overlap visually)