Smart Shocks? JRide on the Fly Adjustability

The term "Smart" might be stretching it...but these shocks are amazing technology.

I was getting ready to preview all of the new products from the upcoming SEMA 2014 and I ran across a cool product that was launched at SEMA 2013 that I had to cover.

Suspension junkies rejoice! Now you have shocks that allow drivers to adjust the damping via their smart phones! Say goodbye to crawling under your car and manually turning a nob or ratchet. This company claims that you can literally touch your way to comfort or sport. JRide shocks offer an astounding 70 positions which make these shocks perfect for off-road, drag racing or the occasional run around Nürburgring (I wish). The shocks can even be controlled independently of each other making this setup even more advanced. Apparently the technology was developed for NASCAR so you it has been tested hard.

The pricing is a bit out of reach for most weekend warriors but would make for an amazing setup for a serious racing team or top notch pro-touring car. As the "internet of things" becomes more pervasive you can bet that technologies like these will become the norm as they pretty much already are on all newer performance cars.

The restomod community has the ability to take advantage of newer technology and give the late model cars a run for their money.

I am looking forward to seeing what SEMA 2014 has to offer from other great companies like JRi.

Take a look at the video

JRi Shocks announces the release of its patent pending electronically adjustable shock system known as “JRide.”  Available for smart phone devices, the JRide system brings a new level of technology and customization to the shock absorber industry.  JRi Shocks chose to unveil the product at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) last week.

“We felt one of the largest gatherings of Powersports and Automotive enthusiasts from around the world would be the perfect opportunity to release such an innovative new product to the industry,” says Seth Fargher, Marketing Manager for JRi shocks.  “The specific app we released is geared towards street performance and Off-Road which are the largest markets represented at SEMA so it was an easy decision to do our grand unveiling there.”

The JRide system allows the user to remotely make adjustments to the compression and rebound settings on their vehicles shocks without ever leaving the driver’s seat.  The app itself was designed with a number of presets for varying terrain conditions that the user might encounter.  Sport and Track specific settings are available for the Street Performance crowd and Desert, Dune, Rocks or Trails are just a few of the presets available for Off-Road vehicles.

Within the app, the user has the ability to select a preset and then make further adjustments to better optimize performance in their given environment.  This new technology literally puts control in the palm of your hand.

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