E-Stopp Electric Parking Brake, What's the Big Deal?

More than just a parking brake. Every vintage car needs one.

When I first heard the term "electric parking brake" I thought that it was just another modification for people that didn't want the traditional parking park. As I read into it further and did more research I learned it is far more important than just a replacement part. I met the owner from one of the most well known makers of electric parking brakes ESTOPP recently at SEMA. We discussed many things but the one that stood out to me the most was that his product serves a more important purpose than to prevent your car from rolling down a hill. The striking thing about this product is that it is in my opinion one of the more effective anti-theft devices on the market.

epb, best, push button, emeregency brake, e-stop, e-stoppClassic cars with manual transmissions are notorious for being easy targets for thieves. Even if they can't start it (which is rarely the case), they can certainly roll it away to a waiting trailer or more secluded area. No alarm system in the world or kill device can prevent this from happening, until now. Now you can combine a kill device into a vehicle that makes it completely immobilized! This effectively stops would be car thieves dead in their tracks. With no way to start or move the vehicle the would be robbers will move on. Not many thieves are going to crawl under a car with enough room to get leverage on the high strength steel cable to disable it either. Because you can mount it in different ways you can hide it or make the position impossible to reach. It pretty much rounds out a perfect anti-theft system that will work on everything from old school street rods to modern vehicles.

The owner shared a story with me about a customer that put it on a front wheel drive vehicle that someone attempted to steal. They barely managed to get out of the drive way and gave up. The owner of ESTOPP even offered to replace the unit since it was damaged for free! Now that is what I call a life time warranty!



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