El Camino Restomod with LS1 Engine Swap

The EL-S1 El Camino project has finally come to a close and I must say that this car is a blast to drive.

The LS1 engine provides a smooth power band that makes this car accelerate very well despite the very tall 2.73 rear gearing. We have made the suggestion to the owner that he would do well to get the gearing at least around 3.08 with my preference more at 3.23. However the car gets amazing gas mileage with the current gearing, estimated at around 20+ mpg! With 325 hp this El Camino has power when you need it and doesn’t suck gas. To think that this vehicle back in 1973 was only rated at a whooping 145 hp and managed only 15 mpg. Even with a healthier gearing ratio this car will still manage 20+ mpg due to the magic of the LS1. The car has a very mild rumble thanks to the true dual to Magnaflow mufflers. The primal scream of the LS1 sounds very refined and matches the car very well.

The paint is 1966 Corvette color, Mosport green. This is a color you rarely see on this type of car and many people can’t help but look at it in traffic. The American Racing Torque Thrust wheels with machined lip and gun metal gray create a very good match to the exterior paint choice. A pretty radical rake with the front dropped two inches makes for an interesting stance that screams out “not stock”.

The interior of this El Camino is top notch. The driver sits in re-foamed custom 2001 Camaro SS seats wrapped in leather with suede inserts with the convenience of a power driver seat. The dash is completely recovered in black , hand-stitched leather that wraps around the modern gauge cluster. The gauges are New Vintage with a custom built cluster so that the gauges are angled properly. So many times you see restomods with Autometer gauges mounted on the bezel angled too far downward. What good are gauges if you can not clearly see them while driving? We would have preferred a Dakota Digital setup but they do not make anything for 73-77 A-Bodies! This was a very common theme throughout the entire build, apparently 73-77 A-Bodies have not hit their stride yet. However, we think that while this restomod is ahead of its time, it will turn heads almost anywhere.

This Restomod available for sale on ClassicCars.com