Unexpected Results from an Impala Restomod in Las Vegas

Just when you thought you knew the market, it throws a pleasant curve ball.

I thought I would feature a very unexpected high dollar auction car from the recent Barrett Jackson in Las Vegas. It' not a Camaro or a Chevelle but rather the larger of Chevy's lineup, Impala. This 1966 Impala really caught the eye of bidders and for good reason, it is very well done. I am sure by now it is apparent that we love LS swaps but this car did it with a 350 SBC! Of course this Impala must handle and stop like a champ with rack and pinion, coil overs and Wilwood brakes all the way around. It sits on some pretty serious looking wheels that were custom built by Intro that give the car an impressive stance.

This Impala was also chosen as the Goodguys Del Mar, CA Nationals top honors, Classic Chevy Pick Award.

Photos credited to www.barrettjackson.com